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  • yogimama wrote: » Different emergencies such as: 1. If there is a fire, what do you do? If you're in the main house or if you're in a room. 2. If someone knocks at the door or comes into the house. 3. If you feel sick or hurt yourself. 4. …
  • I make her brush 2 times a day. The cavity is really small. It has not developed much in the last few months. I think this will fall off and she will get new tooth after 2 years. All her other teeth are in perfect condition.
  • yogimama wrote: » How old is your daughter? Cavities in the baby teeth is considered normal in a lot of circles, but some really have concerns about it. I think it depends if it is painful and how serious the cavities are. Could the pain be fro…
  • Exactly...
  • Hi Ganga, I think you should not worry much about the her height unless she is healthy and active. However I have attended a Yoga crushed course and my yoga master told that all stretching exercises can help increasing the height and strengthening t…
  • I have never experienced this...But I have heard that sitting on a newspaper while travelling, suck lemon wedges or smell the lemon can help. I don't know whether it is clinically proved. May be it can help psychologically.
  • yogimama wrote: » Yamini I understand. If you haven't already maybe it would be a good idea to get a plan together in case of different emergencies and act it out with him a few times, so you have peace of mind about him being prepared. Thats …
  • Kids will have some irritations during the time. I too think that it will come out by its own. But, of course, consult a dentist if she is having too much pain.
  • Ganga R wrote: » Female sterilization is the most common permanent contraceptive method used in India. As far as I understand, the issue occurred more than 10 years after the procedure which is very rare. This can be due to natural tubal lumen …
  • I feed my babies only breast milk for the first six months. Not even water. Hence, I don't recommend any food items. You may need the basic items like dress, towels, bath soap, oil, powder etc. Diapers are really helpful. I used diapers only in t…
  • I delivered my first baby at the age of 26. I accidentally became pregnant for the second time 8 months after my first delivery. That is I became the mom of 2 by 28 years. As we were staying abroad there was no one to help us. But they grew up toget…
  • Having more kids can never affect your holidays and weekends plans. Rather they will enjoy more if they have a company. I have 2 kids and they enjoy being with one another. We go for holidays and vacations. Its true that you have to take care when …
  • Thanks for your reply. Actually my son is not worried about being alone. He himself will say that I will manage it. But I am worried and always think what he will do in case of an emergency.

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