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Easy birth?

edited July 2016 in Birth
Hey there,

How was giving birth to your bundle of joy?

Bringing my boy into this world was quite quick without any complications. I started losing water at around lunchtime but did not realise that was what it was. I thought my bladder was playing up as the baby was squashing it, so I went to my parents for lunch. When I got home in the afternoon I started to get minor cramps but I thought those would be the once where the baby is just moving down in the right position which I read can feel like cramps, so I wasn’t worried at all.

My husband was due to leave for the airport to pick up his sister, her husband and kid. My boy was not due for another 2 weeks so we have planned for them to come and stay with us for a few days before then. My husband did not want to leave me alone though so he called my mum, which I thought was a bit of an overreaction. When she got here the cramps were getting stronger with 4 min. in-between but I was still convinced that it was not time yet. She insisted we go to the hospital at about 3:30.
The midwifes there told me that it was my waters that broke so they would not send me home anymore but said that it would still take ages as it was my first child and the pain wasn’t that bad. I had opted out of an epidural and they sent me to a room and told me to come and get them or go to the delivery room once the contractions got closer.
An hour or so later I told my mum that I feel like I need to push so we went to the delivery room. The midwives still did not think it was time yet, but at 6.42 my boy was here without any pain relief at all.
The midwifes from the other room were a bit jealous of mine as they had a lady in that kept screaming for hours even with an epidural and painkillers.

Don’t get me wrong it was still really painful and I do not really want to do it again but it was manageable and all worth it in the end.

So how was your experience?



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