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When to stop formula or breastfeeding?

edited July 2016 in Nourishment
My boy is now 8 month and he is getting two bottles a day and the rest of the meals are fruit, veg and meat. He seems to be drinking less of his bottle in the evening now so I am thinking about giving him some semolina pudding or rice pudding or something like that instead of the evening bottle.

He likes all foods so far and has lunch with us whatever we are having. I will need to read up on this issue some more as I don’t want to take away nutritions he needs.

Maybe some of you can help me out here and tell me what you think and when you stopped giving your baby formula or breast milk.



  • I lasted several years with both of my older children and I hope to last until this baby is 3 years old. It does a lot for their health to have a base of milk and they need a lot of fat in those first 3 years. Milk is the best place to get it. I am hoping I'll be able to sustain my milk supply for that long. I also plan to start building a milk stash in the freezer so I will have milk available in case of an emergency or in case my milk doesn't last as long as I'd like.
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