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What is your toddlers favorite toys to play with?

My baby is getting big, he is 9 months, crawling, pulling up, standing for short periods of time and soon he'll be walking. His birthday is coming soon and I want to give him something new that he will really enjoy. He doesn't have many toys, most of his toys are really functional right now and he's only just begun to show interest in toys but he enjoys a toy car and a little toy keyboard.

What kinds of toys did your baby/toddler love and what would you suggest?


  • My baby hasn't been born yet but I have a step-daughter and I've taken care of a lot of kids and I think it's so cute that it seems like all little ones love things that either make a lot of noise or can be banged on (like blocks, musical instruments, etc) and mirrors! Any toys that have a mirror on the is sure to be a hit. Little ones love looking at themselves!
  • As my son is getting older I'm starting to remember some of the toys my older babies liked to play when they were younger because he is starting to play in the same or similar ways. I see him playing with blankets a lot and I remember using silk ties as a toy for my other babies. There's something about fabric and the variety of ways it can be played with that my babies have really enjoyed.
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