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How To Introduce A Pet To A Baby

Do you have any pets? If so how do you or did you introduce your pet to your baby and how did they react? Did you do this cautiously, did you get expert advice or did you just go with the flow? I'm really curious to know if the type of pet, age of the pet and anything about the environment or personality of the baby or pet affected the situation.


  • I don't have one yet but my boyfriend wants to get a dog and I've been reading up on it. Everything I've seen says to introduce the dog (or animal) to something that belongs to the baby first. Get them used to it over a period of time, and when you can bring the belonging to the animal and they act like it's a normal thing they are fond of, as in, they recognize it but don't get too excited over it, then you can introduce them to the baby.

    But once again you do it slowly over the course of a few days. Such as having the baby next to the dog for a few minutes, until they can be around the baby without being upset or overly excited.
  • I have a dog. She is not very disciplined so I have mostly kept her pretty far from the baby. I did try to introduce her to the baby in the way you posted but I may not have consistently introduced things in short phases over several consecutive days. It's hard to remember exactly. But it was a slow introduction, she was never really comfortable with the baby though, and as he got older and started to move more she started to jump for him and act inappropriate. Because of this, she still is not trusted to be around the baby, and I keep a close watch on her.

    That's just to say that some dogs might never be good around babies or toddlers and you might have to keep watch or keep them away from your baby. However if they get really upset it might be a good idea to get some training or to give the dog away.
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