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Mother's Intuition?

Do you believe in a mother's intuition and how do you develop good intuitive skills and trust or test your intuition?


  • I believe in a mother's intuition, but I believe it has to be verified logically. I believe you're patient and gracious your intuition will show you the full story. Often people get an intuitive insight and then they act on it or make an assumption based on it, without getting the whole story. I think once your intuition shows you something you need to sit with it and watch life more carefully, to see the whole thing unfold.
  • I'm not sure how I feel about a mother's intuition. They say as a mom you will know all kinds of things about your child and it's supposed to start in pregnancy, but I definitely didn't know I'd be having twins.

    However a lot of my friends dreamed about me being pregnant, before they knew and I dreamed that I was having a boy (I'm having two)!
  • Did any of you know you were pregnant before you really knew? That's a really common example of mother's intuition or women's intuition. Or know you would get pregnant by your SO before you were even that deep into the relationship or even when you first met?
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