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Baby friendly and family friendly or not?

I was recently invited to several events. Some encouraged bringing kids, some banned kids. Others were okay with babies but not older kids, others suggested the opposite. I went somewhere that claimed to be family friend!y but didn't have space in the bathroom to change a baby!

That got me thinking what places are baby-frindly or family-friendly and which ate not.

Also what kinds of situations make them so?


  • There are actually hospitals that are labeled baby friendly or not. They have to meet certain requirements. Most towns only have one, sometimes they have nine! Even places where babies are born aren't necessarily considered to be baby-friendly. Another issue comes from places that don't allow mother's to breastfeed their babies.
  • I meant none, not nine!
  • There's a store here that has family bathrooms so you can take your whole family in there with you, when you have several children. They also have lowered sinks and toilets and a little lounge area with chairs and couches for breastfeeding.
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