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How to know if your relationship is strong enough?

People are always saying how a baby is hard on a relationship. How do you know if your relationship is strong enough and what can you do to prevent your relationship from breaking down after having a baby?


  • This is such an important question. I have always found that the most important thing is communication. Sometimes it is also the hardest thing. Sometimes we are really good at the talking thing and not so good at the listening. Sometimes we are really good at the listening and not the talking. It is a two way street. Always remember to speak with everybody's best interest at heart and make sure and really HEAR what the other person is saying. Always know that you love each other.
  • Yes, communication is so important I would look into counseling too to help learn problem solving and relationship skills. Support is super important in my opinion.
  • I think while you're pregnant or before you should try to make sure you have the same or similar values and try to do a few challenging things together to build your bond and faith in each other. It's also important to build on your communication and problem solving skills.
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