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Using bottles and breastfeeding

edited August 2017 in Growth & Parenting
I've read it can be difficult to breastfeed and use bottles but after a while, I plan to go back to work and will need to use bottles. Have you tried this? If so do you have any tips for a smooth transition?


  • I havent yet but I plan on doing the same thing. I've read that its important to wait until breastfeeding is well established before starting with a bottle and also let someone else feed the baby with a bottle, but not to try if the baby is really hungry so they don't get frustrated.
  • This depends a bit on the age of your baby. First make sure your baby will take a bottle and try to get a nipple that mimics breastfeeding as much as possible. Try one bottle at a time in case one doesn't work well. If after a few different types baby isn't taking a bottle you can try a nursing syringe, spoon or cup. Make sure your baby is really comfortable with getting milk without breastfeeding before you leave for any significant period of time or go very far.
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