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What would you take on vacation with you?

My boys and I will be going on our first vacation together. They are two and three years old. We will be spending the week in a house on the ocean. Do you have any suggestions for what I should make sure and take with us? Things I should pack for them? The car ride is about four hours.


  • Plenty of healthy snacks, art supplies for the ride, books and magazines they have never seen, sunscreen, life jackets if you'll be in water and they are not comfortable. I would also bring a calming CD and a fun one, a movie, your own blankets, towels and pillows, and the normal clothes and toiletries. Maybe a DVD or two or a board game or card game. Have fun!
  • I think puzzles and a new book series is great for winding down for bed. That's usually much more difficult when you're on vacation unless you have really active days.
  • Depending on where you're going you might want to order things ahead of time and be careful with how you keep your money. In some places tourists are easy targets when it comes to stealing, including identity theft.
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