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What is the best age to send your child to preschool?

I have been wondering what is the best age to send my three year old to preschool? He is very smart and well taken care of right now, but I think he may need to be around other children his age?


  • I think 3 or 4 is good. Especially at 4. That is an age where peers are beginning to play a bigger role in how a child sees himself. Is he ever around other children his age?
  • I think this is highly dependent on age. My youngest is only 9 months but based on his personality I was thinking I might put him in daycare when he's 3. With my middle child I wish I'd put her in when she was 4, but with my oldest she didn't go at all and i think that was good for her. If they seem unsure about social situations or highly dependent on other's opinions it might be good to get them in with their age group earlier. That's how I see it with my kids.
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