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Baby Eczema

My baby's father has eczema and a few other health problems. One of his kids has the same health issues, but the other doesn't seem to. I've read a bit about eczema and how it can be more common alongside allergies and asthma, which his afflicted child does. I've also read that they usually grow out of these things, as he has. He doesn't seem to remember much about what it was like as a kid, so I'd love to hear stories of anyone whose kids have eczema and if they have grown out of it or if you yourself had it.


  • I had eczema as a child but no one in NY immediate family has it. I took different medications for it and now that I'm older its not a problem. Its important to ask about side effects of the different medications, and look out for steroid creams.
  • Someone was telling me yesterday that there are great creams you can get over the counter that are just as good as prescriptions.
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