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Any Experience Quitting Caffeine?

I have drank tea and coffee nearly everyday of my life. Now that I am pregnant I am a little worried about everything I consume and I know caffeine is not recommend during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Since I want to breastfeed, I want to try to quit it now but it is not easy. What do you do to get energy and when you're feeling hungry or just want to taste your favorite drinks?

Do you think it's a good idea to quit and how did you or would you cope with being caffeine free for your baby?


  • I would suggest cutting down gradually and not trying to quit cold turkey. Depending on how dependent your body has become, quitting all at once may be very hard on your system.
  • That sounds like good advice.

    Usually I have caffeine every time I drink something.

    I've been trying to have juice sometimes instead. It hasn't been too bad so far.
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