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When did you have the nursery finished?

edited July 2016 in Home & Household
We were finished with our nursery month before our boy was due. Since we are first time parents we wanted to make sure everything was in order when he came. We had everything organised from clothes to nappies, it was all there waiting for him. The only thing that was missing besides him was the pram as there were problems with the delivery which meant that did not arrive until a week after he was here even though we ordered it month in advance.

At what time did you have the nursery finished?



  • I'm not sure if I'll be living in the same house when the baby is born so I don't want to do anything too complicated. I want to make sure I have the basics, but my main goal is to have the baby sleep in the room with me for awhile anyway.
  • I'm trying to start early getting what I need because I'm going to need two of everything. I'm also trying to have it all together before my 3rd trimester so I can relax and not have to bend over or do a lot of physical work towards the end. I have my baby shower scheduled for the end of my 3rd trimester and I plan to have the nursery done shortly after that.
  • The boys always slept in the room with me until they were older. I really didn't make a room for them until later.
  • Do you get enough sleep when the babies sleep in the same room as you?
  • I actually had nothing prepared when my first daughter was born except the car seat and a tiny few outfits. When she was born we didn't even have diapers so her dad went out and got some. The midwife wrapped a towel or blanket around her bottom in the meantime. My baby shower was scheduled for that day at my aunts house, but I obviously couldn't make it. I'd gone into labor around midnight. It wasn't difficult at all to get everything I needed and sort out a space for the baby in our room.
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