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Postpartum Depression

I have had struggles with depression and anxiety prior to becoming pregnant. Now that I am pregnant I am worried I might get postpartum depressions.

Have you experienced this and if so what have you done to treat it?

Also if you haven't, have you done anything to prevent it that you would recommend?


  • I had postpartum depression with my second pregnancy. Its very difficult. !along sure you have enough sleep, healthy food and help is honestly a huge factor in your experience. Another thing for me was a support group. There are many you can find online and in person. The most important thing is recognition so if you start to feel strange tell someone. Better yet have a plan in place for actions to take if your behavior fits within the postpartum depression checklist.
  • Be careful if you have a history of depression you can also get it in pregnancy. I would make sure you have a good therapist first, then learn some coping skills and build your support system. Also make sure to pay attention to see if your partner is depressed they can get postpartum depression too.

    Find out if there is any medications or natural methods you're comfortable with that are safe for pregnancy or breastfeeding. You might also try your best to breastfeed because it produces bonding chemicals that can greatly improve your mental health.
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