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Who Controls The Money?

How do you handle money in your family?

I want certain things for the baby, but I am not working so I don't have much of my own baby. Of course dh wants to provide for us, but when I want to get something he doesn't understand it can be annoying to explain it to him.

Once the baby is born I will be even more dependent on him and I'm wondering how we will handle money.

Did the way you use and share money change after you had a baby and how? I'd love some examples of what might be good ideas to try.


  • The important word is communication. You have to talk to one another and get on the same page. I assume you will be the one attending to much of the baby's needs. Therefore, you will have a better understanding of what is needed. Talk often and keep an open mind. Remember that you love each other and are both trying to do what is best in the end.
  • Thanks momma5931, that's great advice. I will be taking care of the baby full-time for at least several months. I will try to make sure to talk to him a lot. It's not the easiest thing, he doesn't like to talk much lately, but maybe that's because things have been so busy.
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