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Helping Baby Fall To Sleep

Last night I had a hard time to get baby to sleep, but tonight I searched on Youtube for sleep music for baby and found Mozart lullaby music for baby.

Believe it or not it worked really well, I'd say it was less than 10 minutes and he was asleep.

Best of all, my older children could hear it and fell asleep too in about 20 minutes. They usually would've taken much longer!

What tips do you have for getting babies and children to sleep at different ages?


  • With my stepdaughter I've tried many things. I found that if she falls asleep in our bed its easy to just put her in her bed once she's asleep. For that reason I don't worry about making her go to sleep in her bed.
  • I've put a few babies to sleep just by walking with them and holding them firmly. I'm pretty cuddly and they usually go to sleep pretty easily.
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