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Getting A Babysitter?

At what age have you or would you consider getting a babysitter to watch your baby or your house so you could go out?

How long would you leave your baby with a babysitter at what ages?

My baby is 8 months and I was thinking of getting a babysitter either because I need some time to myself and sometime to socialize, but also I was thinking of doing some part-time work.

I don't know if I'll do it, but I was thinking 3 or 4 hours would be the most I'd want to leave a babysitter in charge at his age.

Also where do you get a babysitter and does that factor into how long you would leave your baby and the babysitter's responsibilities?


  • I know I went to a daycare when I was six months old. I will probably do the same thing with my babies if I can last that long before putting them in. They take babies as young as 6 weeks.
  • I would want to make sure breastfeeding is established and baby has a clean bill of health first. You could be introducing germs that could endanger your baby because their immune systems are so fragile in the beginning. You could also disrupt your milk supply and ability to breastfeed if you change the routine too quickly, so try to slowly transition your baby to being less dependent on you and educate those around you to help feed him and care for him.

    Also find out what allergies, sensitivities and preferences he has in case of an emergency or an intense screaming fit. I was also thinking of trying to have a mother's helper come for a few hours a week just to have him get used to someone else and safely test out how he acts with a sitter without fully leaving, and putting the two of us into an overwhelmingly anxiety ridden situation.
  • Every family is different and I can only tell you what I have always done, and please remember I am not passing any kind of judgment on anybody. You do what is good for you. I never left my children with anyone other than my mom, until they could communicate with me how they felt about the experience and tell me about what went on. Maybe I was paranoid but that was how I did it. I know everybody is not as lucky as I am, and maybe they don't have their mom or their mom is not able to help. If you have a trusted friend or family member then maybe. And when you do(no matter when that is) interview, check references and make as sure as humanly possible that you know exactly who you are leaving your child with. Just a paranoid old mama here.
  • You have a very good point momma. When I was a nanny I took a background d check and was monitored on a nanny can. Those are great ways to prevent dangerous situations and irresponsible sitters
  • I only left my oldest kids with a babysitter when they were 2 and 5. It was a neighborhood girl and I'd send them for no more than a couple hours. I'm thinking of doing just one hour while with my oldest kids, as well as up to 3 hours while I'm there at the house.
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