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Tooth Cavities

My second girl 3 years old, and she is having a small cavity spot in between her front 2 middle teeth. How can I stop it from spreading to the other teeths?


  • How old is your daughter? Cavities in the baby teeth is considered normal in a lot of circles, but some really have concerns about it. I looked this up a few years ago because of my oldest daughter having cavities. To stop the spread of cavities it is important to brush after every meal of fruit and to have filling meals rather than snacking, also juice is not recommended.

  • I make her brush 2 times a day. The cavity is really small. It has not developed much in the last few months. I think this will fall off and she will get new tooth after 2 years.

    All her other teeth are in perfect condition.
  • Sorry I didn't mean after fruit, I meant after anything sweet, even as snacks, but of course after meals as wells. It will probably be fine and fall out as long as her teeth are being taken care of. My daughter developed two cavities, but they didn't develop very much and they fell out before they caused her any pain or discomfort.
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