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What's The Most Important Baby Gear To Get?

Having a baby is overwhelming. Especially with all the recommendations people have, and all the things they claim you need. I really dislike clutter and like to have things that are good quality, last long and hopefully multi-purpose!

What are the really essential things you need for the first 6 months with a baby? What things did you have that you never used and what things did you not have that you wish you had?


  • I feed my babies only breast milk for the first six months. Not even water. Hence, I don't recommend any food items.

    You may need the basic items like dress, towels, bath soap, oil, powder etc. Diapers are really helpful. I used diapers only in the night and while travelling. Continuous use of diapers can cause rashes and itching. It is important to change the cloth diaper regularly as it get wet (if you are using it)

    While travelling, I used a stroller that can be converted into a carrier cum rocker. I used to carry an additional dress, wet towels, blanket, diapers etc under the stroller while travelling.

  • Just as a side note. We have created a free check list app for iPhones and iPad that collects editable lists of things to organize. It's a free app.

    You may find that helpful:
  • Nice app, I will have to try it out later.
  • That sounds like a really great app. It should be really useful for expecting and new parents.
  • Items you requirement for your infant

    Which infant items are basic for the main year? Investigate our agenda of the most critical things you'll have to dress, transport, wash, and feed your child just as give him a sheltered spot to rest and investigate. You'll likewise discover explicit data about the provisions you need in the initial a month and a half and what to put on your infant library as well.

    In the event that you need to go past the nuts and bolts, we likewise have a rundown of item "additional items" that can make the principal year significantly simpler.

    Child garments

    Child garments are normally measured by age, yet this can fluctuate among brands. For instance, a 3-to half year bodysuit from one brand might be cozy on your 4-month old, while a similar size from another brand could be too enormous. Search for garments that additionally list weight or stature rules to enable you to locate the ones that will accommodate your child best.

    A few children go directly to 3 months and never need infant sizes, however that is difficult to foresee ahead of time, so it doesn't damage to have some close by. Likewise ensure you have two or three outfits in the following size up before your youngster very it – babies develop rapidly! Purchasing used garments and tolerating used articles are a decent method to ensure you'll generally have the correct size.

    For ordinary wear, think solace and simplicity. Search for delicate, open, tough dress that empowers your youngster to move and investigate. Pick well-made things that will hold up through regular washings. (Spit-up and grime cause significant damage.)

    Natural child dress is made without cruel colors or possibly hurtful synthetic compounds, yet it's generally increasingly costly. Whatever you pick, utilize a delicate, child agreeable clothing cleanser to anticipate skin bothering.

  • You may require the essential things like dress, towels, shower cleanser, oil, powder and so forth. Diapers are extremely useful. I utilized diapers just in the night and keeping in mind that voyaging. Consistent utilization of diapers can cause rashes and tingling. It is imperative to change the fabric diaper normally as it get wet (on the off chance that you are utilizing it)

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