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Nesting In After Birth: 40 Days of Rest?

With my first birth my yoga teacher encouraged me to stay off my feet and stay at home for the first 40 days. At that time I lived with my teacher and everyone around me was supportive, so I did it and it was really great. I healed really well and felt amazing mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

With my 2nd birth I wasn't able to do that because I was traveling and living somewhere else where I had no help and the people around me didn't understand it. After awhile I suffered a lot of physical pain and depression.

This time, I tried my best and it was better than the 2nd time, but I didn't have a lot of help either, because I live far from anyone I know and moved just before giving birth.

Do you stay in and rest for 40 days or what is your tradition after birth and how do you feel it has helped or hindered you?


  • I've known a few women do this. Not necessarily 40 days but a few weeks for sure. I think it will be difficult to stay home for long, but I will try for as long as I can. But maybe I will be so busy with the baby it won't be difficult at all!
  • I would definitely recommend 3 weeks rest to completely rejuvenate you mind and body. This will help you to accumulate all the energy needed for next 2-3 years of sleepless nights. :)

  • 3 weeks wouldn't have been enough for me either time. I had a vaginal birth all 3 times and my body needed much longer to heal. Doctors and midwives all recommended taking it easy for 6-8 weeks but I needed to completely relax and take everything off my plate. My mind was better within 3 weeks probably though.
  • That's true. Now a days people are very busy in their life and have no time for themselves. Both my deliveries were c-sections. I took rest for complete 3 months and I was with my mother during that period. I was new to task and I was completely unaware how to take care of the baby, make her baths etc. We had maids for myself and the baby.

    For me, the maid used medicated oil, gave me complete body massage and hot bath for 7 days. This was tiring. But I think it gave me the energy for a second c-section within 2 years.

    For the second delivery, I took only 3 weeks rest as I had an almost - 2 year baby around, and also I wanted to go with my husband as he was alone in a new atmosphere. But i didn't miss the oil massage and hot bath. :smiley:

    It's our preferences that decides everything.
  • The massage sounds lovely. I had massage with my first birth and helpers coming to the house for the first few weeks, but I lived in a different place with the other two and didn't get that.
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