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Breastfeeding or furmula

edited July 2016 in Breastfeeding
Do or did you breastfeed your baby or do or did you give it formula?

I have already decided before I got pregnant that I would rather give him formula for various reasons. I did discuss it with my husband and doctor before giving birth and they gave me a pill after he was here so that I would not produce milk. I have been very happy with my choice although a lot of people will disagree with me. For me the advantages were that I would not have any problems with infections or sore breasts, or not knowing if the baby gets enough milk and most of all my husband and I could organise getting up in the night and feeding our baby better.

We arranged on one night him, one night me, which gave both of us a full night sleep every second day.

What´s your view on this?



  • I haven't used formula on either of my children. Sleep was never an issue when it came to feeding them. The midwife said to sleep when the baby sleeps, so I did that as much as I could in the first few months and after awhile I no longer needed as much sleep, and neither did my babies.
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