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How heavy and big was your baby?

edited August 2016 in Birth
my Boy looked tiny when he was born. He was 1 foot 6,8 inches and weight 6,13 lbs. All the other Babies born when I was there looked huge to me as most of them were a lot heavier even though I think 6,13 lbs is a normal weight.

I had a look online and it says that it was a normal weight but it seems more and more babies are born heavier than they used to.

How big and heavy was your Baby at birth?



  • HELLO,

    At birth, the average baby weighs about 7.5 pounds, and 95 percent of newborns will be between 5.5 and 9.5 pounds. If your baby falls within this range at birth, there’s probably no reason to be concerned about her size. If she’s bigger or smaller than that, your practitioner might recommend some extra tests or monitoring to make sure she stays healthy.

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