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What´s the right age to become a parent?

edited July 2016 in Pregnancy
I always knew I was going to be a mum someday. Initially I wanted to have lots of babies and not too late either but then life got in the way. I was working a lot and living in different countries.

Then when I was 25 I met my husband, we both knew quite quickly that that was it. 6 years on our little baby was here. We have since decided that one baby is enough for us as we want to offer him everything possible and give him all our attention.

I was almost 32 when I gave birth to our monkey and for me it was the right age. A bit younger would have been ok too but just a few years as I would not want to miss living my live before becoming a mum.

I don’t think I would have tried for a long time if it hadn’t worked straight away as for me 35 is the limit.

What do you think is the right age?



  • I met my husband when I was 28 years old. I finished school and worked already for quite some time before I found somebody that I could imagine having a family with. 3 years alter I gave birth to my little boy and I think it was the rights age. For me it was very important to find the right partner. If I would have met him earlier in my life then i mights have had my son earlier.
  • the right partner was very important for us too, I would not have wanted to have a baby with just someone or even having to be on my own.
    Circumstances needed to be right first. I am still a bit old fashioned when it comes to that, first Job, marriage and then a baby.
  • I think physically it is better to be younger, but sometimes the maturity level isn't there. It also depends on how much support you have. If you have a great family, it's easier and better for the children.
  • I delivered my first baby at the age of 26. I accidentally became pregnant for the second time 8 months after my first delivery. That is I became the mom of 2 by 28 years. As we were staying abroad there was no one to help us. But they grew up together and my most difficult task was completed within 32 years.

    Now they go to school and I get ample of time for myself. I don't think I was that matured at that time to handle to kids, but time will change everything.
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