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edited July 2016 in Health & Medicine
I know this topic will raise a few eyebrows, but here we go:

I have always smoked since I was a teenager and never really felt the need to try and stop. When we planned to have a baby my husband and I discussed this issue and what I was going to do going forward. I have decided to stop during pregnancy but could not really imagine to stay a non-smoker to be honest. Luckily I managed to stop during pregnancy but right after I gave birth I had to have a cigarette.

I know a lot of people will not understand me but that´s okay. I spoke to the midwife who had to get the head nurse and they let me go for a cigarette with my mum.

For that I got a lot of nasty looks but that did not bother me too much. A few midwifes were really nice about it though. One said that she knows we are both grown-ups and that everybody knows that it is bad for your health. Which is true, I do know that and I do know smoke around my baby and when I went for a cigarette in the hospital I did wash my hands and brushed my teeth before I got my baby again.

So my question to smokers. Did you manage to stop for good or did you start again?



  • I have a huge allergy to smoke. Sometimes the smoke that is left on things is worse than if someone is smoking nearby. The scent can make my nose hurt a lot and give me a headache. I can't imagine how bad that would be for a baby and they can't communicate it. I think it would be best to try everything you can to quit. You never know if your baby might be allergic to it or even get asthma or sinus issues.
  • Smoking Is bad habits.
    I admired you to stop smoking during pregnancy.
    Smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of health problems for developing babies, including preterm birth, low birth weight, and birth defects of the mouth and lip.
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