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How do you cool your baby down in the summer heat?

edited July 2016 in Leisure & Holidays
Where we are it is really hot at the moment, about 35 degrees and my baby can´t get a proper rest during the day because of that. We try and go swimming a lot but right now it’s just too hot and sunny for a baby and he doesn’t even want to wear a hat outside at the moment because his head is getting so hot with it.

I let him have a bath a few times a day and wash his feet with cool water every now and then but he is really poor.

What do you do to cool your baby down in summer? Do you have any other tips for us?



  • My baby isn't born yet, but this is what I've learned to do for me. I go out early in the day and then in the evening. I do not go out in the middle of the day unless I have to. I also carry cold water and frozen water with me. I can put the frozen water on the back of my neck or on my forehead if I'm feeling really hot. I also drink a lot of room temperature water. This is better than drinking cold water because your body doesn't have to work to change the temperature. I eat a lot of water rich foods, a lot of fruit during the day and I don't eat anything warm or cooked until the evening meal.
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