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What do you feed your baby?

edited July 2016 in Babyfood & Recipes
My boy is now 8 month and he gets a bottle of formula in the morning, then a portion of fruits or yoghurt, for lunch something with meat and pasta or rice and a bottle of formula in the evening.

Now in summer he drinks lots of sugar free tee and a homemade fruit juice every now and then.

I have stopped giving him bought baby food during the day as he now eats what I eat for lunch and I just squash some fruit for him in the morning. All I do when I am cooking is making sure not to season it too much.

When did you start feeding your baby solid foods? What do you feed it?



  • I basically feed him mashed bananas and avocado. I only feed him every now and then he is almost 9 months now and he grabs for my food all the time, but I want to keep him eating the most simple foods so his belly can adjust. I also want to make sure I know if he is allergic to anything, so I try to only feed him something once every few days so if it takes a while to show symptoms I will know exactly what was eaten and what is causing the issues.

    I also really appreciate the ease of cleaning exclusively breastfed nappies! I'd like to extend that for as long as possible. Hopefully until I can teach him to use the potty on his own!
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