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Cuddles for Daddy

edited July 2016 in Family and Relationship
My boy loves cuddling with his daddy but not with me. Wow that sounds jealous, doesn´t it? The thing is my husband feeds our baby in the morning and then they cuddle up and go back to sleep for a couple of hours and then he feeds him in the evening when he comes back from work and after they cuddle again. When I feed him during the day all he wants to do after is play with me but not really cuddle.

Sometimes I do feed him in the mornings or evenings when my husband is at work but still no cuddles for mummy just playtime.

Is that something you have experiences as well? Do you think it is because he sees me all day and my husband is at work so he needs to make up for the time lost?

Would be great to hear your views on this.




  • I think this happens when they are more accustomed to one parent than the other. I can even see this with older children and even adults. There must be a psychological explanation for it. It's like we don't show our worst habits to strangers, we show them to the people who love us the most.

    Not that mom or dad love baby more, but just that the sense of what's normal or closest is where we get comfortable and we appreciate things we don't get as often.

    It's kind of like "the grass is greener on the other side" situation.
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