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Music for your belly

edited July 2016 in Pregnancy
When I was pregnant I read a lot about how playing music to your unborn baby can positively impact its development. So my husband and I thought if it doesn´t help it surly doesn’t hurt either and played music to our little boy every evening before we went to sleep.

I read that playing Mozart seems to be especially good so we´ve done that and even though I do like classical music sometimes we also played some other stuff from Elton John to Meat Loaf. It turns out now that he is here he loves listening to Elton John for going to sleep. Could obviously just be a coincident who knows.

What do you think? Do you or did you play music to the baby in your belly?



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    I love music. Especially playing the piano. So when I was pregnant I played the piano often times on the evening but not only classical music. Sometimes my husband and I went to some concerts and I could feel the baby moving. It seems that my little boy loved music since he was in my belly. Now he likes sitting next to me, listening when I'm playing the piano. Sometimes he sits on my lap and we are playing together.
  • mine loves to sit with his daddy and listen to music, sometimes for hours. I envy that a bit as with me it always seems to be playtime.
  • An infant's hearing creates while they are still in the belly. For the most part, indulges respond to sounds originating from the outside by moving or showing a fast or moderate heartbeat. At around 20 weeks in the mother's belly, the infant can hear and at around 26 weeks in the injury, the child will respond to sounds and outer upgrades. Sounds like singing, talking, and playing music to your child while in the belly turn out to be particularly essential amid the most recent 10 weeks of pregnancy, when your infant's ears are interfacing with their brain.


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