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Due date

edited July 2016 in Birth
My baby was born 9 days before the calculated due date. That was great because it was not too early and I didn´t feel like sitting on needles waiting for labour to start. I was still going out for walks and visiting my parents for lunch on the day my boy was born.

Also I imagine when you are past the due date people would keep asking if the baby was here yet, which I´m sure can get quite annoying.

When was your baby born? Before, quite close or after the calculated due date?



  • My son was born five days after the expected due date. I was very nervous and I didn't understand why he hadn’t been born yet. When labour started I was very relieved. The funny part of this story is that my husband was on a business trip before the birth and his flight was cancelled because of a volcano eruption. But because my son's birth was five days later my husband could managed to be there on time.
  • My due date is in November but I've been told to expect the baby to born up to two weeks after my edd. Most people I know have had their babies early. I think I'm prepared for the former, but not the latter.
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