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New Hampshire Climbing, Mountaineering, Skiing Guide

More than several dodgy take off's - if any pilot managed to get off the hill the first attempts I take my hat off. We fly close to the jungle, checking the bushes moving, the tibetan flags getting disturbed of their morning peace by the first sturdy thermals, after which we handle to catch the at all times glorious cloudbase. Then really no wind, then no wind and no thermals. The wind within the bay of Salinas makes for good kite surfing, however hang gliding and paragliding outfits haven’t made their approach there, but. Also there was to be contact with authorities, largely local or regional, to sell the concept of accelerating tourism by growing hang gliding and paragliding websites. We're gliding into more isolated and better mountains. The remainder of the team stayed within the mountains two more days however they couldn't fly, the weather report for as soon as was true.

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