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New Hampshire Climbing, Mountaineering, Skiing Guide

Since the Movement is basically N-S, the Moon is suspect, but the ORTHOGONALITY to our Sun should be demonstrated! Although the Moon and Sun could also be forming the Larger RIFT, the Vulcanism of Kilimanjaro and Goma is heated with the Jupiter-Asteroid LaGrange four body "fix" by Earth, with earth Center of Mass, an Asteroid, and Jupiter! IN Other Words, THIS Great CELL (FROM LITTLEFIELD TO CP) IS Rapidly FORMING TO THE WEST- Moving TWICE AS Fast As the COLORADO PLATEAU IS ROTATING. For this case, B&R fault is dominating the motion; Hf is transferring southward, but the B&R lateral fault is dragging westward, and the result is that the block is moved subsurface to the west, while rotating southward (CW) by Hf. THIS TELLS THE STORY THAT THE Movement WESTWARD OF CP IS TWICE THAT OF THE SOUTHWARD ROTATION Along Hf. This space has State highway 17 which exits I-15 southward alongside Hf. The world has numerous names equivalent to second camp, Camp 2, Base Camp, Goosfand Sara and Mosque. Look in all Quadrants- 10,000 km- and there are ANOMALIES- such because the African RIFT at the Shire River (southernmost Hot Spring at a Transform), Maui Transform, Tanduska Meteor Lateral "knockdown", and the MAR on the Tropic of Capricorn!

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