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New Hampshire Climbing, Mountaineering, Skiing Guide

Expansive views in all instructions from the top of Sun Mountain. And naturally, the sun emerged! Mostly we had been rained on, and clouds obscured a few of the views we had hoped to see (most notably at Mt. Garibaldi in the northernmost Cascades). In a "cup half empty or half full" second, the cloud deck lay simply above us, so we had intensive views into the valleys under while the rugged excessive peaks above us were obscured. We felt very sorry for them as we wandered by properly acclimatised and filled with power and fun on our approach to climb Loubche East having come to Khumbu from Tumlingtar. These are mountain ridges which were moved laterally by the fault in such a way as to dam of the river drainages from the opposite facet of the fault, deflecting the streams sideways. The fault reveals itself as a series of linear valleys that reduce across the mountain ridges.

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