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Stay at home parent or out working?

edited July 2016 in Home & Household
Do you guys plan or already stay at home with your baby or do you work?

We have decided that my husband will earn the living and I will stay at home looking after our boy for at least a few years. I am thinking about going back once he is in nursery at around 3 years, part time but until then I want to stay at home with him. Luckily for us we can do that as my husband has a good job. I could not imagine if I had to go back to work straight away and have someone else be with my baby the majority of the day.

What do you do? Can you afford to have it the way you planned it?



  • I'm not working right now. I haven't since I became pregnant. More than likely I won't work again for a few years if we can afford it. The first year might be tough adjusting to a new budget and lifestyle with the baby, but dh will make a lot more in a couple years so it should be easy after that.

    I hope to have 3-4 years before I need to go back to work. Being a sahm is really necessary for me right now, but after the baby is born I might start doing a little freelance work here and there.

    Not right after the birth of course, just whenever I feel well and ready.
  • I plan on working from home and away from home but on a very part-time basis until my youngest is around 8 years old. I want him to have a few years to get used to interactions with other authority figures, his peers and different systems and circumstances.
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