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There is, in fact, a world without nappies and co. Whether organizational, legal questions or plans for the next holiday — here we discuss all the topics that move us in everyday life.
  • Family and Relationship

    A baby can turn a relationship upside down — speak about the impact on your family and relationships with other mothers here.
  • Home & Household

    You would like to know how to set up your flat in a child-friendly manner and to organize the housework cleverly? Right this way!
  • Law & Authorites

    Users ask questions and give tips how to organize with the authorities and talk about legal regulations for mothers, fathers and families.
  • Carry & On the Road

    In this category all topics circle around the transportation of your child (pram, buggy, carrying aid, child seats / baby car seat).
  • Leisure & Holidays

    A trip with a baby should be as well-prepared as your first big holiday as a family — suggestions and practical hints is what you will find here.
  • Media & Information

    Would you like to see an exciting film, discover a new series or learn more about this famous midwife book? Then this is the category for you.
  • Technology

    How does this baby phone work or should I use an app instead? Is the melody machine in my babies room to loud for the little ears? Talk about baby related and non-baby related technology here.